• Faltering Financially And Considering Bankruptcy? Helpful Advice You Need Now

    Financial stress is known to be one of the leading causes of relationship problems, as well as a potential contributing factor for depression and substance abuse problems for many Americans today. Filing for protection in bankruptcy court is a legal option available to individuals, couples, and businesses, who find themselves burdened with debts they are unable to pay. At first glance, bankruptcy protection can seem like the ultimate solution for those who have grown weary of struggling to pay off debt, but there are some important facts about bankruptcy that must also be considered before taking this type of serious legal action. [Read More]

  • Three Things You Should Know About How Bankruptcy Relates To A Foreclosure

    If you have fallen behind in your mortgage payments and believe your home will be going into foreclosure or it is already in foreclosure, you may think that a bankruptcy is your salvation. But people have misconceptions regarding what a bankruptcy can do in a foreclosure. The following are a few things you should know. It will stop the foreclosure Although most people understand this, what is not as well known is that the halt to a foreclosure is only temporary. [Read More]

  • Do You Have A Complicated Bankruptcy?

    People from all walks of life end up needing the relief a bankruptcy can provide for them. Many consumers get in over their heads with credit card debt or medical bills. Others still suffer from huge financial losses with their investments, lose their jobs or suffer from an expensive divorce. The dollar amount of your bankruptcy plays just one part in how fast your case closes and how much it will cost you to file bankruptcy. [Read More]

  • Bankruptcy Misinformation That Could Lead You Astray

    When a person gets into financial trouble or they have to amass a large amount of debt, it can pose a major burden. Escaping from this debt will be a major goal for taking back control of your financial destiny. For many individuals, inaccurate information about bankruptcy can steer them away from this potentially effective option. Myth: Bankruptcy Protection Only Begins When The Proceedings Are Concluded Those with large debts may find that they are faced with aggressive action from creditors. [Read More]

  • Considerations To Make Before Deciding To Declare Bankruptcy

    When you're feeling in over your head when it comes to debt, it's easy to feel like there's no way out other than bankruptcy. But making the snap judgement to declare bankruptcy is not usually a smart move. Although there are certain financial situations that are best solved by bankruptcy, there are just as many situations that should be dealt with in other ways. It's important to spend time thinking deeply about bankruptcy and whether it's truly right for you. [Read More]

  • Steps To Take If Your Child Is Injured While Playing In A Bounce House

    Almost everyone can recognize a bounce house—they are often found at fairs, community festivals, and family events, and celebrations. While bounce houses are very fun for kids to play in, they can also pose a significant safety risk. Many children each year are injured in bounce houses, some seriously; while injuries to arms and legs are most common, children can also suffer serious neck injuries as well as traumatic brain injuries. [Read More]

  • Understanding The Bankruptcy Means Test

    Bankruptcy provides a unique opportunity to turn your financial picture around and start fresh. There is really nothing like the feeling of relief and hope that come with a chapter 7 filing, and anyone can get these benefit as long as they qualify to file. One of the main sticking points with filing for chapter 7 is the means test. Read on for what you need to know about this important bankruptcy issue. [Read More]

  • How To Decide If You Need Debt Consolidation Or Bankruptcy

    If you have been struggling with your bills, you might find yourself starting to wonder if there is a way you can get some help getting out from underneath the debt that is piling on top of you. For many people, debt consolidation and bankruptcy are two good choices. However, if you are in a position where you do not know which route you should take, you will want to keep reading. [Read More]

  • What's Happening? Understanding The Bankruptcy Process

    One of the best parts of a chapter 7 bankruptcy plan is the reliability of the process and the relative expediency of it all. Unlike a chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, which is really more of a debt reorganization plan, a chapter 7 filing could be completely done in as little as a few months. For a heads up on how the process works in most cases, read on. 1. Get your paperwork together: Your bankruptcy attorney will need a lot of documentation from you, so get ready to rifle through your files and compile some information. [Read More]

  • Tips For Dealing With Creditors During Your Bankruptcy

    Have you been dealing with unsettling communication from creditors asking for their money? Bankruptcy is one way you can stop this from happening, but it doesn't happen instantly. It is important to know how to deal with creditors during the entire bankruptcy process. Before Filing You might have started the bankruptcy process by hiring an attorney but have not yet filed the official paperwork for bankruptcy. This phase is known as pre-filing, and creditors are still allowed to reach out to you about collecting the debt that you owe until you file. [Read More]