4 Ways To Help Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case Run Smoothly

Posted on: 1 December 2021

If you decide to seek professional help for your debt problems by visiting a bankruptcy lawyer, you can learn a lot about your options. Choosing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one option to find the relief you need, and it can help a lot. If you decide to use bankruptcy, you might wonder what you can do to ensure that the case runs smoothly. Here are four ideas of things that you can do to ensure a smoother bankruptcy case.

1. Submit all the Necessary Information

The first thing you can do to ensure that your case runs smoothly is to submit all the necessary information. The attorney you hire for your case will ask you for a list of things, including debt statements. They might also ask for proof of assets with documents that show the values of each item. In any case, you can ensure that your case runs more efficiently if you submit all the necessary things that your lawyer asks for from you. If you submit them promptly, your lawyer will be able to file your case sooner and respond to any requests from the bankruptcy court faster.

2. Take Your Credit Counseling Courses Right Away

You cannot file for bankruptcy without completing two courses in credit counseling. You must take the first one before filing, and the second one after filing. If you do not take one of these, the court can dismiss your case. After taking each one, the credit counseling firm will issue you a certificate that proves your completion of the courses. You must give these to your lawyer.

3. Attend Your Court Hearing

A Chapter 7 case normally requires only one court hearing, and you must attend. If you cannot be there, you may be able to reschedule, but this could push your case out further. It is better if you can be at the first one the court schedules.

4. Check Your Credit Report

Finally, you might want to check your credit report a few times throughout your case. First, you can check it before filing to make sure you list all the debts you have. Secondly, you can check it after receiving your discharge to make sure the court sent updates for your debts.

Following these tips might help your Chapter 7 case run a lot smoother. If you have questions about filing or need advice, contact a bankruptcy attorney today.