• Who Is Your Bankruptcy Trustee And Why Do They Matter?

    Almost all bankruptcy fillings result in the assignment of a bankruptcy trustee to oversee a filer's case. (In two states, these leadership positions are filled by a bankruptcy administrator with the duties being similar to that of the trustee). Read below to find out more about the role trustees play in bankruptcy proceedings. Scrutinizing Your Filing – One of the primary responsibilities of the trustee is to check over the bankruptcy paperwork for errors and discrepancies. [Read More]

  • Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Don't Make These Mistakes

    If you have decided to use bankruptcy to get yourself out of a tough financial situation, know that you only have one chance to do it right. Don't make these mistakes when using Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Forgetting To List All Creditors All debts and creditors must be listed on your bankruptcy petition in order for your debts to be discharged. If you accidentally leave a debt or creditor off of that petition, you will still be responsible for paying it back after your bankruptcy is finalized. [Read More]