Steps To Take If Your Child Is Injured While Playing In A Bounce House

Posted on: 24 May 2018

Almost everyone can recognize a bounce house—they are often found at fairs, community festivals, and family events, and celebrations. While bounce houses are very fun for kids to play in, they can also pose a significant safety risk. Many children each year are injured in bounce houses, some seriously; while injuries to arms and legs are most common, children can also suffer serious neck injuries as well as traumatic brain injuries. If your child has been injured while playing in a bounce house, take the following steps:

Seek Immediate Medical Care

Since injuries sustained from playing in a bounce house can be serious or even severe, it is important to seek immediate medical attention for your child. In many cases you may need to go to the emergency room for immediate care, but if you are unsure about the severity of an injury you should at least take your child to an urgent care center or to his or her pediatrician. If you have a valid personal injury case, the medical records will be very important and can help determine what size settlement your family receives.

Determine if You Have a Valid Case

There are many cases where the company that owns the bounce house or the representative from the company can be found liable for a bounce house injury. If your child is hurt because he or she was rough housing or wrestling with another child, you most likely do not have a valid case. But, if a bounce house was not set up properly, if it wasn't secured to the ground with stakes, or if the owner/operator of the bounce house allowed too many children inside the bounce house, there is a good chance that you have a case, and you should seek damages.

Hire a Lawyer

If you have reason to believe that negligence on the part of the owner or operator of a bounce house was a major factor in your child's injury, the best thing you can do is hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer can review the facts of the case, gather evidence, and file a claim with the insurance company of the owner of the bounce house. These types of personal injuries cases can be complex and require a lot of work, so having a lawyer represent you will increase the likelihood of your claim being paid by the insurance company and will also maximize your settlement amount. 

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